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Lighten Dark Eye Circles

3 Ingredients You Could Use to Lighten Dark Eye Circles

Did you know that dark eye circles are one of the most difficult skin problems women face? What is more frustrating is that dark eye circles become worse with using makeup and concealers to cover them up. However, they can be treated like other skin problems with constant care and by using some ingredients in your eye circles’ masks. Here are some of my favorite ingredients for lightening eye circles: 1- Cucumbers are a well known treatment for dark eye circles. But instead of slicing a cucumber and using the slice for your eyes, cut the peel in a crescent shape you could stick to the eye circle (nutrients are concentrated just beneath the peel). Moreover, it is more effective …

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Natural and Effective Treatments for Dark Circles

4 Natural and Effective Treatments for Dark Circles

Dark circles’ treatments are probably is the most expensive and top selling type of skin care products. It is understandable because, for many women, dark circles are easy to worsen and difficult to treat. However, there are really effective, fast working natural treatments for dark circles. Read all about them here: 1- You know how they make women at beauty parlors look in movies? White masks on their faces and cucumber slices on their eyes? Yup, you’ve guessed it! Cucumber is a wonderful treatment for dark circles. However, instead of the slices that does not stick to your eyes, grate half a cucumber and put it on your closed eyelids and under your eyes and wash it off after 10 …

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Interesting Causes of Dark Circles under the Eyes You May Have Not Known

5 Interesting Causes of Dark Circles under the Eyes You May Have Not Known

Dark circles under the eyes make people look like they are constantly tired and appear like they always stay up late. However, these are not the only two reasons for darkness to appear under someone’s eyes; so don’t rush judging by appearance. Dark circles appear under the eyes because the layer of skin over there, known as periorbital skin, becomes thin and allows only blue and violet wavelength of light to reflect off veins. Reasons for this thinning of periorbital skin and dark circles include: 1. Genetics : Some individuals may just inherit thinner skin under their eyes and so develop dark circles more readily. 2. Aging : Since skin becomes less elastic and less able to regenerate with age, …

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