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Uses for Cinnamon You’ll Always Keep It Close By

With These 5 Great Uses for Cinnamon You’ll Always Keep It Close By

Cinnamon is a spice that gives an amazingly sweet fragrance and exotic flavor, and it dates back to the beginning of ancient history. It has been used for all sort of things like food recipes, skin treatment recipes and even perfume manufacturers usually include it in their fragrance formulas. Here, we will list some great uses for cinnamon you may have never thought of before. 1- As we have just said, cinnamon has a fragrance so sweet and exotic that perfume companies use it in their formulas. Make use of this attribute by using cinnamon essence oil in oil burners. You can even rub some of it on light bulbs when they are turned off for the sweet fragrance to …

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Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Nine Amazing Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a lovely and a popular spice that add a delicious taste to apple pies , coffee and chocolate , Cinnamon have a lot of health benefits that should make you incorporate it more with your daily meals , or even try to have one cup of cinnamon tea daily , Cinnamon is rich with calcium , fibers , antioxidants , iron , flavonols and manganese . read on this article to discover Ten Amazing Health Benefits Of Cinnamon . 9- It Boost Your Brain Power . Consuming cinnamon regularly has been proven to improve cognitive processing and your memory , it also helps boosting you attention span and focus ability , cinnamon could also reduce your risks of …

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