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benefits and uses for castor oil

Great benefits and uses for castor oil

There are many benefits for castor oil. It has many uses for your body and for your beauty. Also, it has some other surprising uses as we can use it for the house as well. Here are some of the amazing uses of castor oil. – It’s very effective for making lubricant for metal instruments, like scissors, cooking metal instruments and door hinges. Simply you can put some of castor oil on the scissors and leave it for a while then clean it with a paper towel. – It can be used for soothing pain as it contains ricinoleic acid. Therefore, it can be used for treating any chronic pains and for treating injury and burns. – It is said …

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Uses for Castor Oil

5 Fantastic Uses for Castor Oil

I used to laugh when I watch Tom & Jerry cartoons as a kid and laugh when the cat puked after being fed castor oil, and I used to wonder, “Does it really taste that bad?” I found out the answer few years later when I needed to use it as a laxative, and MAN, did it taste bad! However, its bad taste didn’t stop me from buying it because of its wonderful uses that overweight its taste. 1- Castor oil soothes dry scalp and lessens dandruff problems. Those with dry scalp feel that they are running in circles because of their dry scalps that need scratching and then the scratching leads to releasing dandruff in a never ending process. …

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