Tuesday , January 23 2018

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Teach Your Kids the Concept of Respect

Great Activities That Will Teach Your Kids the Concept of Respect

Respect is one of the most important qualities one must learn and teach to others. And among those to whom you must be able to teach the concept of respect, your kids are the first. Moreover, when teaching your kids the meaning of respect, they should be capable of distinguishing between admiration and respect, or fear and respect. In this article, you will learn some activities that will help you with that: 1- You can watch a show with your kids. It shouldn’t be a long one (about 30 minutes or less), and it should be recorded so it wouldn’t be interrupted with commercial or other things that can distract your kids. After that ask your kids about those in …

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No more work meetings or brutal stress headaches. Retirement does not only mean worrying about your cholesterol level and blood pressure, but there are many advantages for leaving the working world and taking a slower pace. You will need to work on discovering how slow the pace is right for your energy level. It may be time to explore some activities designed to get you exited. Older guys would love to watch a sporting event, even if the commentator is speaking a different language. Fascination with sports is not exclusive to the young; old people are as passionate as their younger counterparts, but with a longer history of loyalty to their teams. While a woman might head for an hour …

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