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Fashion Mistakes

You Are Getting Unpopular Because You Commit These Fashion Mistakes

How we dress and how we look contributes to most of why people like and accept us. So, even though people are used to saying things like, “looks do not matter” they give great attention to looks and clothes. Therefore, if someone is thinking that they are unpopular, the first thing they would want to check is their looks. And there are fashion mistakes men DO commit that make them unpopular. You will find some of these mistakes men should avoid in the following lines. 1- T-shirts and clothes with funny slogans and sayings. Avoid these types of clothes. They look immature and they make you seem like you are starving for attention. Besides women do not like walking next …

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Male Fashion mistakes

Watch Out for These 7 Destructive Male Fashion mistakes

In this day and age, there are still men who think that taking cake of how you look and what you wear is a “girl thing”. Well, males should take care of their looks the same exact way girls do for several reasons: It makes them more “presentable” in interviews, more attractive to the fairer sex, and overall it boosts your confidence. However, men may take care of their looks but commit some destructive mistakes when they do, such as: 1- Wearing old dirty shoes. Let me face you with this fact, wearing dirty worn out shoes takes the crown among all fashion mistake you could commit. People do notice a pair of shoes that should have been recycled long …

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Tips for Making Your Windows Spotless

Top 6 Tips for Making Your Windows Spotless

People cannot live well without sunrays to light up their houses. In other words, they cannot live well with dirty windows. Clean spotless windows can make all the difference between a bright well-lit house and a dark, gloomy one. In this articles, you will learn some great tips for making windows spotlessly clean with simple tools and ingredients that can be found at every house. 1- Anti-static sprays are not just for preventing your pants from sticking to your legs. Statics is that infernal thing responsible for some bothersome phenomena such as your clothes sticking to your legs, and in this respect, fine grains of dust sticking to your windows. Fight this phenomenon by giving your windows a good scrubbing …

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Tips Will Make Your House Fruit Fly-free

These Simple Affordable Tips Will Make Your House Fruit Fly-free

Fruit flies can annoy the hell out of anyone. What is even more annoying is that they have a habit of increasing gradually, and much to your dismay, you will find that you are seeing these little pesky creatures everywhere in your house a few days after. However, there are actually things you could do to get rid of this menace. Here are some things to make your house fruit fly-free. 1- Make sure you have got rid of all the spoilt fruits and vegetables in your house, because they are what make fruit flies breed and gather. Moreover, do not just toss the fruit in your garbage bin. Put it in plastic bag and tie it tightly and then …

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Fatal Fashion Mistake

These Fatal Fashion Mistake Can Make You an Entertainment for Others

What is the first difference between clowns and normal people do you notice? It is their clothes. And clowns DO depend on their clothes partially to provide entertainment to other. So, what would you do if you find out that your clothes makes you look like a clown who entertains people for living? Men sometimes commit some fashion mistakes that gives others a laugh at their expense, such as: 1- Wearing black shoes while you have white socks on. The only one who is allowed to do that is Michael Jackson, and he’s gone. Socks are cheap and available in presentable colors, so do not ick white ones for your black shoes. 2- Neglecting quality. You might be thinking something …

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Weight loss Benefits of kuromame Tea

These Miraculous Weight loss Benefits of kuromame Tea Will Make You Drink It All The Time

Being overweight is a problem the majority of the population of the earth is suffering from. Many trends, diets, gadgets and machines were thought of for this problem. One of the latest, yet greatly successful ideas for losing weight is drinking kuromame tea. Kuromame is what the Japanese call black soybean. In this article you will learn all about the miraculous weight loss benefits for this great drink, such as: 1- It has anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant found in very few foods, and one of them is black soy bean. This antioxidant has many benefits such as boosting immunity, fighting and preventing cancer, and in this respect, reducing fat. It has the same effect as the manufactured medicines …

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Improve Your Mood with These 6 Amazing Scents

Improve Your Mood with These 6 Amazing Scents

Treatment with aromatherapy, although new, is not that weird of a concept. Smells are not just smells to our brains, they are much more than that. For example, smells are what gives food flavors, and without them foods are just salty, sweet or bitter. Moreover, smells are associated with certain memories as well. For example, the smell of lemon or soap in general is associated with feelings of cleanness and the smell of garbage is associated with feeling unclean or unhealthy. Therefore, smells and scents are a power that can do wonders if harnessed correctly. Here are some scents and smells that can make you feel better. 1- Jet fuel. Well, I am not recommending that you sniff and inhale …

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Deadly Sins of Men’s Fashion

Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins of Men’s Fashion Right Now

Some men adopt the attitude, “I am not a gal! And looks don’t matter” when they buy or wear clothes. Needless to say, the result of that attitude is quite repulsive. On the contrary to what they think, those guys face several problems as a result of that attitude, such as failing in interviews even if they have the needed qualities for the job, failing with the other sex for being “slobs” and lacking in confidence, because they don’t look good wearing what they wear. Those guys commit deadly fashion mistakes along the way, such as: 1- Wearing white jeans. Well, the white color is rather popular in certain places. But in most places and in the States in particular, …

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Things Should Never Be Put in Your Fridge

Did You Know That These 6 Things Should Never Be Put in Your Fridge?

In this day and age, fridges have become a major necessity. They save your money by being able to buy things in cheap large quantities instead of pricy little ones. They save your time by making you able to get your groceries once a week instead of a tiring daily trip. However, there are things that should not be stored inside your fridge, such as: 1- Tabasco sauce. Tabasco sauce and other similarly hot sauces need not be preserved in the fridge. For your information, hot sauces and spicy foods are natural preservatives that do not need low temperatures to stay edible. They can be stored above your kitchen shelf for a long time, years even. 2- Potatoes. For a …

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