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Ways Your Baking Has Turned Out Wrong and Why It Happened

5 Ways Your Baking Has Turned Out Wrong and Why It Happened – Part 2

In part one; we have discussed few ways in which baking can go wrong. We also talked about what to do to avoid such sad baking results. Needless to say, people loved our tips and wanted to learn more about baking mistakes and how to solve them. So here are more cases in which baking can turn wrong and what to do about it. 1- Sometimes when you are preparing for an event or a bake sale you notice that the cookies and cakes turn out cooked unevenly. Some are hard, some are uncooked, and some are just burnt. This happens when you bake too many things at the same time. Filling the oven with things will mess with the …

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Food You Should Not Keep in Your Fridge

6 Types of Food You Should Not Keep in Your Fridge

Fridges are maybe one of the most useful and practical devices invented ever. Food spoils very fast, especially in hot weather. However, with fridges, you save yourself the bother of going to the market daily. However, there are things you shouldn’t store at the fridge, such as: 1- You might already know that you should keep olive oil somewhere dark and cool, far from sunlight. However, this doesn’t mean you can keep it in your fridge. If you do, it will harden and become like Cresco or butter, but it can be left out until it thaws into its original state. 2- Do you know that archeologists sometimes find honey that is still edible in over hundred years’ old monuments? …

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Damage Smoking Can Do to Your Eyes

Types of Serious Damage Smoking Can Do to Your Eyes

Smoking is probably the most dangerous and damaging habit humanity had the misfortune to know. It is well known since over a dacade now that smoking is a direct reason for hypertension, heart disease, stoke, and many types of cancer. And these are just few of many. In this article, you will learn about several types of damage smoking can do to your eyes. 1- Smoking highly increases the your risk of developing inflammation in your eyes, which is commonly known as Uveitis. This condition can lead to cataracts and glaucoma 2- Smoking makes your whole body’s blood vessels narrower and less flexible. For those who have diabetes and already have many health risks, this condition (AKA Diabetic retinopathy) can …

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Values You Can Teach Your Children Even before They Are Five

3 Values You Can Teach Your Children Even before They Are Five

Being a parent means many things. It means you should provide for your children. It also means you should make sure they are happy and healthy. And needless to say, it means you should teach your children some good values to live by. There are even values you can manage to teach children by the time they are five years old. Such as: 1- Children should admit to their mistakes and take responsibility for them. If your child has hit a neighbor’s son, ask him first why he did it. Usually it is for jealousy or breaking one of either one’s toys…etc. Telling your child to only apologize is not enough, insincere and is too easy. Tell your kid to …

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Ways Your Baking Has Turned Out Wrong and Why It Happens

5 Ways Your Baking Has Turned Out Wrong and Why It Happens

Although baking is not everyone’s hobby, almost everyone has tried it at least a few times. We find it strange when sometimes the results of a certain pie or cake recipe turns out wrong although we had made it several times before. There might be different reasons for that, such as: 1- After cooking pastry, you find that it is burnt in places and uncooked in others; in short, it is unevenly cooked. This happens when you neglect preheating the oven before putting the dough inside. The people who came up with the recipe didn’t tell you to preheat the oven to waste your time or mess with you. They did because it is necessary for the recipe to work. …

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Genius Inventions That Are Guaranteed to Wow You

7 Weird but Genius Inventions That Are Guaranteed to Wow You

I always love to read about things described as “weird”, as in weird accidents, weird jobs, weird hairdos and weird pets. This time I have looked for weird and useful. Now I would love to relate this experience to you. Here are some of the weirdest but most useful and genius invention. 1- Utensil pen caps are a wonderful invention. Just wash the caps and use them on your pens as usual, and if you need to have a meal at work, you are ready with your pens. They look cute on their own even if you don’t use them for eating. 2- Are you tired of the surprises you get of your toaster? One time the toast is not …

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Tips for Boosting Self Esteem

Wonderful Tips for Boosting Self Esteem

First, if we want to put a definition for self-esteem then let’s just say it is a criterion for how much you love yourself. And since we need to love ourselves a lot not just to live well, but also to survive, raising self esteem is an indispensable necessity. So how do you raise self esteem? 1- Be around positive people and avoid poisonous people. Positive people are those who always support you and want to see you grow and flourish. They care about you and are true in their love and affections towards you. On the other hand, negative people try to put you down and belittle you, hinder your development and lower your self esteem. 2- Be more …

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Uses for Butter

7 Wonderful Uses for Butter

When we say “butter” we think of desserts, hearty meals and too many calories. But that is not all there is to butter. Butter can be used for a lot of things around the house too. Let us read all about them: 1- If you have been cleaning or cooking fish, butter can get rid of stinky fish odors. Rub some butter on your hands and wash them with soap and water. Your hands will be clean and odor-free. 2- Butter can keep some types of food fresh for a long time in the fridge, such as cheese. If you don’t want your cheese to get moldy while in the fridge, rub its edges with some butter. 3- butter is …

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You Should Never Buy These Five Things in Bulk

You Should Never Buy These Five Things in Bulk

One of the most successful techniques people apply to be able to make ends meet is buying things from sales. But what happens at these sales is that the salesmen sell things in bulk. And these things are sold in bulk simply because they are nearing their expiry date. People get lured in by the tempting offers and buy things that get spoiled quickly and end up losing their money. So what ARE these things you shouldn’t buy in bulk? 1- Snacks and candy are things you shouldn’t buy when sold in bulk. They are fattening, teeth damaging, and full of things that can cause a large group of health risks. And since they are nearing their expiry date, you …

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Yummy and Healthy Low Calorie Replacements for Popular Foods

8 Yummy and Healthy Low Calorie Replacements for Popular Foods

It often happens that you hear people complaining that when they started eating healthy, they cant eat with their friends and family anymore. The types of food and ingredients they consume are so drastically different from what they are used to have. To solve this problem, I have listed some healthy replacements for the food ingredients you usually use in this article. 1- Instead of using mayo as a condiment, just settle for mustard. The safest ingredient in mayo is vegetable oil which causes inflammation and is full of oxidants and saturated fats. Mustard is just mustard seed paste and vinegar. 2- You don’t need me to tell you about the health problems soda causes to your body, and the …

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Things You Should Clean but Most Likely Don't

5 Things You Should Clean but Most Likely Don’t

What does cleaning mean to you and to people in general? Is it keeping things as sanitized and germ free as possible? Is it to clean the things you are using and toss the things you don’t in the attic? Or is it just making things “look” clean? If you answer the last two questions as yes then there are probably things you need to clean but you usually don’t, such as: 1- Smart phones are very important and necessary devices right now. This means you hold them all the time and get all sorts of bacteria and germs to and from them. To clean a smart phone, Wet a piece of cloth with some alcohol or a hand sanitizer …

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Things You Should Do to Ruin Your Skin Quickly and Effectively

5 Things You Should Do to Ruin Your Skin Quickly and Effectively

First of all, before the lashing and name calling starts, I am not telling you that you should really do something to ruin your skin. What I am saying here is some sort of “reverse psychology” if I can really call it that. In short, avoid doing the following things if you want your skin to be as smooth and youthful looking as possible. 1- First thing you need for destroying your skin is smoking. Smoking is a sure and effective way for killing much more than just your skin. You can also make sure that by smoking, you are depriving your skin of oxygen and destroying the nutrients it needs. 2- Tanning and using self tanners are other effective …

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Things You Should Never Waste Money on but Probably Do

5 Things You Should Never Waste Money on but Probably Do

We spend money on all sorts of things. Some things are important and necessary, others are “matter of life and death” important, others you need from time to time, and there are others that are a complete waste of your money, yet you buy them, such as: 1- People buy all sorts of cleaning products. If you look in anyone’s kitchen cabinets you will see at least five bottles of cleaners for different surfaces. What people don’t know is that they’re paying too much for things that are basically the same, and can definitely be substituted with some vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. 2- It is in every woman’s genes to take care of her skin and looks. Therefore, …

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Tips for Stabilizing Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

9 Tips for Stabilizing Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

You may ask, “Why is stabilizing blood sugar levels is so important?” And the answer would be that high blood sugar levels are what causes resistance to insulin, which is commonly known as diabetes. And when there is instability in blood sugar levels, more dangerous complications are bound to happen. Here is what you can do to return your high blood sugar levels to normal: 1- Lower your saturated fat intake. Saturated fat causes a large number of health risks, and it is not so strange that diabetes is one of them. Avoid junk food and fried foods, because these two have big amounts of saturated fat. 2- It is said that laughter is a wondrous therapy that can cure …

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Foolproof Strategies for Stopping Unwanted Advances

5 Foolproof Strategies for Stopping Unwanted Advances

Nowadays, to many men, being a young single woman is just the same as carrying a colorful flag with a sign saying, “free meat”! Moreover, being pretty makes things worse as well. Therefore, a girl needs to know how to defend herself well and know how to ward off unwanted advances from likewise unwanted admirers. Let’s check some tips that will help with that. 1- Don’t dress in something that may “simulate” predators. I am not telling you to look frumpy but you shouldn’t look like you are dressed for a very-intimate, very-personal party either. The more skin your clothes show and the tighter they stick to your skin, the more the impression of “needing adventure” you give to men. …

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Tips That Will Make Using Contacts Easier and Safer

6 Tips That Will Make Using Contacts Easier and Safer

First of all, let me say that contact lenses are one of the most wonderful inventions ever. However, every last one of the man-made miracles has flaws, and contacts are no different. They are said to gather bacteria and need much hustle with the cleaning and sanitizing. Here are some great tips for making contacts use much easier and safer. 1- Contacts have to remain wet always so they wouldn’t scratch your eyeballs. Therefore, it is necessary to keep eye drops at all times. Have few spare bottles and keep them where you are at often, two at home, one at your work place…etc. 2- Contacts are made from silicon which a highly absorbent material. It can absorb bacteria and …

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Best Gluten Free Grains Ever

Top 5 Best Gluten Free Grains Ever

Many people can’t handle foods with gluten content. They might have gluten sensitivity, celiac disease or are just unable to digest bread that well. Even if you don’t have any of these problems, you should enrich your diet with more gluten free foods and lessen gluten foods and grains as much as possible, since they are reputed to raise blood sugar and LDL levels. Here is a list with some of the best gluten free foods ever: 1-rice is a very popular worldwide known grain and is a basic part of the diet of many countries. It is an extra perk that it is gluten free. However, white rice is full of carbs, has no fiber and very few nutrients. …

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Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Originally used in China but later on, it got widely used throughout Asia. Here is a short list of the most significant benefits of green tea. 1. Weight Loss. Green tea increases the metabolism of the body and speeds up the burning rate of fats. 2. Diabetes. Green tea helps in regulating glucose levels in the blood, and it lowers insulin resistance a lot. 3. Heart Disease. It is believed that green tea helps in strengthening the blood vessels and helps them to stay relaxed. It helps in preventing the formation of clots (that cause heart attacks). 4. Esophageal Cancer. Green tea limits the risk of esophageal cancer. …

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Dog Breeds You Should Not Have When You Have Kids

Types of Dog Breeds You Should Not Have When You Have Kids

Dogs are wonderful pets. They have many wonderful breeds. They are loyal and loving. And the list of why dogs are nice and all goes on and on. But there is another list people should really consider, which is why having certain dogs when you have kids is not a wise decision. Here are some of the dog breeds you should not have in case you have kids: 1- Jack Russell Terriers are a great and friendly dog breed. However, they cannot tolerate rough play from small children. Neither can they tolerate any screaming or squealing. It scares the dogs and frightens them so they bite to defend themselves. There have actually been cases where this breed has attacked humans. …

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Food That Can Make Your Eyes Stronger

7 Types of Food That Can Make Your Eyes Stronger

Our eyes are the windows to the world. They help us perceive everything and do everything right. They are the most precious blessing and thus have to be maintained and kept healthy always. In this article, you will read about different types of food that can make your eyes stronger. 1- Some leafy greens can make your eyes stronger, such as collard greens, kale and spinach. They contain powerful antioxidants such as Lutein and Zeaxanathin. These antioxidants inhibit development of macular degeneration and cataracts. 2- Whole grains are one of the foods that lessen the risk of macular degeneration that comes with age due to the low glycemic index in them. So instead of white bread and white rice, eat …

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