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top 10 unexpected reasons of dehydration001

Top 10 Unexpected Reasons of Dehydration

Obvious reasons of dehydration like spending too much time outside on a sunny day, not drinking water for a long time and sweating through exercise are well-known and easily avoidable. However, there are several unexpected reasons of dehydration that we need to pay attention to.¬†Hydration is of utmost importance because more than two thirds of the human body is made …

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top 10 foods to fight common cold 0001

Top 10 Foods to Fight Common Cold

Cold and flu are the most common winter diseases. Cold can attack adult people bodies more than twice a year while children are more vulnerable to catch cold frequently. There are some common symptoms for cold such as sore throat, sneezing, congestion and cough. We have to always remember that prevention is better than cure.¬†Here are some foods that will …

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